Current Fuel Surcharge

February 13, 2019

Average Price - $2.849

Fuel Surcharge - 21%

February 6, 2019

 Average Price - $2.839

Fuel Surcharge - 21%

January 30, 2019

 Average Price - $2.806

Fuel Surcharge - 21%

Fuel Surcharge Information

Our fuel surcharge will be adjusted based on the Midwest (PADD2) Average Weekly Retail On-Highway Diesel Price.  The price is posted each Monday or Tuesday when Monday is a federal holiday and may be found at the Energy Information Administration website.

The surcharge rate will be based on Monday's report price and will be effective on Wednesday.  If diesel fuel prices rise above $5.094 per gallon, the fuel surcharge will be increased an additional one percent for each $0.07 per gallon increase in diesel fuel price.

Surcharge Current Year